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MarksTop is professional in packing machines and other machine equipments. It has over 10 years professional manufacture experience and advanced technology since 1992.

The company has perfect technology and successful cases in so many fields, such as P.P. Band Strapping Machine, Automatic Carton Sealer, Film Wrapping Packaging Machine, Vacuum Sealing Machine, Skin Packaging Machine, Blister Forming Machine, High Frequency Plastic Welding Machine, Shrink Packing Machine, Capacitor Stored Energy Spot Welder and AC Impulse Spot Welder.

Furthermore, MarksTop provides not only packing equipments, packing materials e.g. P.P. and PET Band Strape, Plastic Vacuum Bag, Stretch Film and Skin Film, but also synergy services, i.e. OEM and Customization.

MarksTop has cooperated with many enterprises successfully throughout Great-China and Southeast Asia area.

Hopefully, MarksTop has capability to supply high quality equipments and perfect after-sale service solution.


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